Service & Repair

Air Specialist provides the following services:

  • Service & maintenance contract of ACMV system for Commercial and Industrial Buildings
  • Design & installation of Commercial, industrial and residential Air Con
  • Install air cleaning system
  • Replacement of all types of bearings for all types of air con equipment & others
  • Fabrication & Installation of Filter Frame for ACMV & HVAC System
  • Ducting Work and replace all types of Damper
  • Installation of Platform walk way
  • Hot Tapping work for chill water supply & return (up to 14”)
  • Replacement of AHU cooling coil
  • Pipe freezing work
  • Running of PVC pipe & schedule 80 pipe
  • Rewinding of motor
  • Sales of Spare Parts and Air Conditioning Units
  • Supply all types of parts such as brushless blowers, servo motors, AC motors, filter, pressure gauge, portable aircon, thermometer, exhaust fans, fan impeller, shaft, grilles, etc
  • Stainless steel Fabrication & Modification
  • Annual Shut Down of All Types of Chiller
  • Monthly, Bi-monthly or quarterly maintenance service package