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Air Specialist provides a complete range of professional air conditioning services and supply of all types of parts such as brushless blowers, servo motors, AC motors, filter, gauge, portable aircon, thermometer, exhaust fans, fan impeller, shaft, grills, etc…

Anything you ask for, we will source for you!
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With our range of services and operations, we attempt to equip our customers with better cooling needs.

We hope to provide you with not only air conditioning services but also our most outstanding customer service, we are aware that in service line, we should not compromise on quality of service level.

We have 2 dedicated teams of service engineer with not less than 3 service technicians that hold more than ten years of experience; we constantly seek to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

We are aggressively in the advancement of expanding our team in order to serve you at our highest service level.

We strictly believe our company successes are owned to all our customers. The management and staffs shall constantly strive hard to improve and equip our clients with our preeminent service at the most affordable cost!